Edward's goal is to offer sellers the most comprehensive, professional, and confidential customer service in the industry. His approach is a data-driven, strategic focus for a fast, smooth, and successful sale. The result is outstanding service and satisfied customers. To achieve his goal he follows a six-step plan.

Pricing Strategy

The most frequent - and often the first - question Edward hears from clients is "How much can I sell my home for?" That question can only be answered honestly as part of a strategy. By when do you want to sell your home? What repairs or preparations are you willing to do? Is price the most important goal, or is there something else. Perhaps a settlement before a certain date. Edward will thoroughly walk you through all of the factors in developing the best pricing strategy for you to maximize your sale.


Edward doesn't believe in half measures. Paraphrasing Napoleon speaking of Vienna: If you are going to market, market! To that end, Edward offers his clients a robust package to market a sale involving online advertisements (MRIS, Zillow, RedFin, etc.); social media (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter); printed materials (postcards, open house fliers, and listing "literature"); and via direct communications with an extensive network of other top producing real estate agents. Photos, videos, websites - all is included at no cost to his clients. All marketing will be property specific with the goal of bringing buyers to your home. To see an effective marketing campaign in action, click here

Open Houses and Showings

Many top agents stop working open houses and assign those duties to junior agents. Not Edward. He still works open houses because he believes he can add great value by greeting visitors and potential buyers alike by doing his best to persuade them that your property is the one they've been looking for. For open houses he cannot work, he ensures his agents are thoroughly trained and informed about your property to aid in the sale.


Edward prides himself on his negotiation skills, and can leverage both his understanding of your needs and positions, with his background in consulting and analysis, to best negotiate the offers and contract to your advantage.

Contract Coordination and Settlement

Contracts all too often fall apart due to carelessness and disorganization. Edward prides himself of his attention to detail and organizational skills, and devotes ample time to ensuring all documents are thoroughly and properly prepared, all processes are professionally monitored, and that all buyers are fully informed. His goal is always a smooth process from listing through settlement.

Are you interested in such comprehensive service? If so, please contact Edward for a free consultation.

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