As you know - or as you fear - buying a home can be a complex and stressful process. Edward's job is to guide you through it from start to finish, in order to ensure that you are fully knowledgeable of the options and opportunities, and of the tradeoffs and risks. In short, it's to demystify the process and help you purchase a home with eyes wide open.

How? Simple. With strategy.

What do you need?

The first step is to discuss why you are buying and what you ultimately are looking to buy. It sounds obvious, but it often is not. Edward will meet with you to learn your idea of your ideal home, and why you want what you want. In doing so, he can help you to differentiate your nice-to-haves from your need-to-haves. Edward calls it his "Buyer Assessment." It will allow you to focus a targeted search to find your ideal home faster and with less stress.

But how will you pay for it?

With a mortgage, of course. But are all mortgage lenders equal? Absolutely not! Edward can introduce you with complete confidence to one of his trusted lenders. They will guide you through the pre-approval process and help determine how much you can comfortably borrow. If you don't qualify now, they will put you on a path to pre-approval.

The Home Search

Once pre-approved, Edward will begin a search based on your stated criteria, focusing on price, size, condition, and location. He will arrange for private showings of properties of interest, and will work with you to carefully adjust your criteria as you learn more about the local market. If you would like to begin your own search, please click here.

How to Make a Strong Offer

The highest offer doesn't always win; the strongest offer always does. The key to submitting a strong offer is to understand both the needs of the seller and your relevant leverage as a buyer. Both of those will change from property to property, and from time to time. Edward will guide you through his 20-step offer checklist to ensure that all aspects and angles are examined. These factors will also be valuable in negotiations with the seller.

Smooth to settlement...

Too often transactions fall apart, or the buyers are financially exposed, because of agent carelessness or disorganization. Edward prides himself of his attention to detail and organizational skills, and devotes ample time to ensuring all documents are thoroughly and properly prepared, all processes are professionally monitored, and that all buyers are fully informed up to the point of settlement...

and Beyond.

Edward's value as a top buyer agent does not end at settlement. He actively encourages his buyers to reach back to him when in need of something around the house. Would you like to renovate a bathroom or to replace a fence? Whether the project is large or small, Edward has built relationships with fine craftsmen for all trades, and will leverage those relationships to ensure you get superior customer service and a competitive price. In short, Edward aims to be a valuable asset before, during, and after the home purchase.

Does this sound beneficial? If so, contact Edward to get started.

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